I’m a son of the great and most respectful mom and dad, a husband of a beautiful wife, a father of two little, adorable and cute daughters. Besides that, I’m a student who is always learning something from the surrounding atmosphere, society, nature, school, college, university, in fact learning from everything.

I love to write information about biochemical compounds, pathways, and mechanisms. Biochemistry can explain all the phenomena occurring in the living system. A living body can be considered as a chemical system, on which different chemical reactions and pathways are going on in a systematic and coordinated way. All the chemical pathways and reactions occurring in a living system follow thermodynamic principles and can be explained based on thermodynamics. If the living system equilibrates with the environment, then this is the condition called the death of the living system. Therefore, the living system tries to avoid reaching equilibrium with the environment but is in steady-state.

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My favorite quotes;

“When time beats you, nothing can save you”

“No matter you clean your body is, if your soul/consciousness is not clean then you are not clean”

“One dead fish can make the whole pond dirty”

“Don’t underestimate the power of stupid people, they can beat you with their stupidity if they are in their group”

“Every dogs are lion in their own area”

“Keep walking no matter how stupid people talks behind you, they belongs there”

“Always smile no matter how stressed you are”

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